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TicketsNow Case Study

TicketsNow Introduces Bug Tracking by Elementool
TicketsNow.com provides secondary tickets to the public for sports, concert and theater events around the world. The company combines an unbeatable selection of tickets, exceptional service and uncompromising security to offer seating and tickets to premium events.
Customer service depends highly on the flawless functioning of applications that give customers an enjoyable online shopping experience. To keep those applications performing exceptionally, TicketsNow required an excellent tool for monitoring defects and project status.
Failures in the past with IT projects occurred because TicketsNow could not effectively measure and monitor defect and project status. This lack of planning and process made improvement nearly impossible.
TicketsNow tried various bug tracking tools but found them cumbersome and expensive. “We had introduced other bug tracking and intake tools before, but the thing that separates Elementool from the rest is the ease of use,” asserts Peter Jin, Director of IT, QA and Release for TicketsNow. “This tool takes me just a few minutes to update issues, create new users, update forms, run reports, etc.”
The company introduced Elementool’s Bug Tracking in 2005. “We use Elementool to track all of our production and test defects. This helps us keep track of issues that exist as well as prioritize and manage the overall SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) for projects,” according to Jin. “Elementool has become an invaluable part of our SDLC here at TicketsNow.”
Elementool’s Bug Tracking Solution
Elementool’s Bug Tracking tool is completely Web-based and accessible from anywhere in the world using only a browser. The system allows you to track bugs, prioritize and assign bugs to team members, customize forms and generate reports according to your company’s special needs.
Bug Tracking does not require any purchase. Nor is there any software or hardware to install. There is no limit to the number of users, and Elementool constantly upgrades its applications and website.
Just a few of the many features available in Bug Tracking include: E-mail Notification, where automatic e-mail messages are sent to users, informing them when an issue is assigned to them; file attachments such as text, images and screenshots are available for each issue, enabling other users to better understand defects; no advertisements are displayed for users of the Advanced and Pro packages; an unlimited number of fields in forms; a history trail displays the changes made by users throughout an issue’s life cycle.
Using Bug Tracking at TicketsNow
Using the ease and thoroughness of Bug Tracking reports, one can quickly see the progress of all IT projects. Bug Tracking builds metrics that can serve as a baseline to measure improvement.
TicketsNow also tests projects using Bug Tracking. “This tool not only allows the QA Analyst to quickly log and report defects, but also gives the flexibility to take snapshots of issues when encountered,” according to Jin. “Bug Tracking enables solid communication between the Development and QA teams to ensure that all defects are accounted for and resolved before a production deployment.”
At TicketsNow, Bug Tracking saves time and money by allowing resources to work more efficiently on defect discovery and resolution instead of just managing issues.
Since its introduction three years ago, TicketsNow has grown to use several accounts with Bug Tracking. Various departments now use the tool and all agree that it’s one of the most powerful and easy to use tools for logging defects and managing work flow.
Elementool’s Customer Service
Other users of similar software applications must wait impatiently for a day or longer to receive help while critical applications or development tools lie inactive or are used below capacity. However, Customer Service is another area where Peter Jin praises Elementool. “When I have issues with Elementool, I can usually get a hold of someone from the office right away and most issues are resolved within a couple of hours.”
Elementool’s Customer Service
“I would highly recommend Elementool to all organizations that are looking for a tool that is easy to use, high modifiable and very cost effective. Other defect tracking/work intake tools can cost upwards of 100K and have high monthly maintenance fees and still do not give you the flexibility and ease of use that Elementool provides,” emphasizes Jin.