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Auto-Graphics, Inc., an integrated library systems and resource sharing solution provider, services more than 6,000 libraries throughout North America. Auto-Graphics is comprised of several departments, and each department has its own methods of tracking tasks. The company realized that it needed a single solution to centralize tasks, and also a ticketing system that would track both issues and customers.

Auto-Graphics had initially signed up for Elementool as an Issue Tracking client, intending to use the issue tracking tool to handle the tracking of both issues and customers. However, with the integration between Elementool Issue Tracking and Elementool Help Desk, they soon saw the benefit of adopting

Elementool Help Desk to handle the customer tickets side of business.

Over the years, the company had tried other project management solutions, but found them lacking. Most providers were unwilling or unable to cater to the specific needs of Auto-Graphics. Those that were able to customize their tools wanted to charge the company an arm and a leg for a custom built solution. That Elementool was willing and able to tailor the Auto-Graphics account to the company's specific needs ensured easy adoption, as well as continued use.

Tony Ricci, Quality Assurance Manager at Auto-Graphics was looking for a web-based system which could accommodate the company's staffed locations in California and Canada, as well as several other states. When evaluating tools, Ricci needed to make sure that all users could log into the chosen solution and have access to the centralized data without the need for a thick client application. Because Auto-Graphics' itself used a Software–as-a-Service business model for years, looking for a vendor who understood the benefits of a Software-as-a-Service solution was the obvious choice. With so many options available, Ricci needed to make sure that all of the company's requirements were fulfilled as well.

Customization was the next big requirement for Auto-Graphics, which Elementool was able to meet. Elementool applications aim to help companies improve on their own processes, not to implement workflow. Also, as a SaaS provider, Elementool has the flexibility to implement changes or additions to the software, in response to customer requests. Since all tools are accessed via the web, there's no need to send out update packets, or have users download new versions.

"In addition to the standard data form fields, we can add any new fields that the company needs or wants, AT NO COST," said Ricci. "The customized fields make it easy to organize the data into more usable reports that we need for the various groups within the company, allowing us to better organize our work loads."

"The software, in comparison, is better than most we researched," Continued Ricci. "We have faith in Elementool to continue improving the software; their track record shows that they have been responsive and professional. In fact, we have been very pleased to see that some of our workflow and related suggestions have been included in your software. "

As they implemented Elementool, and began integrating the tools into company processes, Auto-Graphics found that there was any number of reasons they needed a backup file, and the Elementool system happens to include an easy option for downloading a database backup from the Cloud server. The ability to backup Elementool databases in the convenient MS Access MDB format proved to particularly useful for Auto-Graphics. Despite not having been an original requirement, the company now frequently includes intranet reports that they create and share in-house.

The ability to easily integrate a Knowledge base on the Auto-Graphics intranet has also been a surprising useful feature for Ricci. "All we have to do is change the Status on any ticket to "Knowledgebase" and the pre-made HTML form is put on our intranet website."

After 3 years of daily use, Auto-Graphics has found that Elementool Issue Tracking and Help Desk software helped organize the company as a whole, marrying two separate elements of the company so that issue tracking and help desk staff interact and work together and with the other departments including programming and product management. In fact, Auto-Graphics has had such success with Issue Tracking and Help Desk that they've decided it was the ONLY solution that the company considered when they began the development of a new product with a new subsidiary company.

"Please continue to provide the excellent products and services as you have been," states Ricci. "We like that you listen to your customers and are responsive to our needs whether it is a simple question or a technical issue or feature request."

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