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Hi, Iím Allison.

If youíre watching this clip, it means that you are looking for an easy-to-use, low-cost issue tracking and bug tracking solution.

Well, Iíve got great news for you. You came to the right place!

There are of course several reasons why you might want to use issue and bug tracking software. Issue tracking can help you deal with a lot of common problems. Team members that spend too much time working on low priority tasks instead of high priority ones. Time being wasted by searching through the inbox for project-related emails. Deadlines being missed due to a lack of clear communication between team members.

Good Issue Tracking software can help solve these problems by smoothing the development flow. Bug tracking software can also stop bugs from falling through the cracks, and, as a result, minimize angry customer complaints about buggy software. Thatís why you need an application that includes the entire process, is easy to start using, and doesnít cost an arm and a leg.

Let me show you what Elementool can do for you.

Say you have a team of 5 people: Jennifer, Bob, Roger, Melissa, and Jack.

Bob is the team leader and together they develop a software project for a bank.

The team collects the tasks that are related to the project as issues in their Elementool Issue Tracking account, making all project-related tasks easily accessible and simple to locate.

Bob then uses Elementool to set the priority of each task and assign the issues to the team members, ensuring that the highest priority items will be dealt with first.

For example, when Jennifer logs into Elementool, she can now see the list of issues assigned to her, sorted by priority, and she can start developing them one by one. From the highest priority issues to the low priority.

When sheís completed working on a task, Jennifer changes the status to Fixed and assigns it forward to Roger for testing.

Bob, the team leader, can run a status report at any time to see the status of each task that is assigned to each developer. This gives him full control over the progress of the project.

Elementool is fully customizable, which makes using it extra easy for Bob and his team. With 15 different field types, it enables you to setup a form based on your special needs with a simple drag and drop. And you can add an unlimited number of fields to your form. Some people prefer to have only a few fields, while others prefer 30 fields. Itís all up to you.

Using our API, you can integrate your Elementool account with external applications and create automated tools that report bugs to Elementool, making it easier for you to exterminate those bothersome bugs.

Elementool Issue Tracking is very simple to use, you can set it up in less than 30 minutes. And Iíll be there for you to hold your hand and guide you through the process.

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If you are already an Elementool client, you can add the Issue Tracking for only $29.99/month with unlimited users.

If you are new to Elementool, Issue Tracking is only $89.99/month, and that is also with unlimited users.

Try Elementool for 30 days for free and find out why it is a valuable tool for you and your team. Click on the button below to sign up.

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