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Are you tired of hearing from your clients: "What's going on with my ticket?!"

Are you overwhelmed by managing your support tickets using email?

Do you want to improve client satisfaction so you can retain your customers?

Are you looking to implement a better help desk process but don't have the time or resources?

Are you worried that your support team won't be able to handle new help desk software?

Customer service is part of the company's marketing plan. Good customer service is the best way to make happy customers. The key to successful growth is to keep customers satisfied along the way.

Obtaining a new customer requires 5 times more effort than keeping an existing one. Showing your clients that you delivered what you promised will distinguish you from your competitors and improve customer loyalty.

Your clients want to receive high quality products, but more than that they want to get fast and accurate service.

A proper Help Desk system will enable you to have control over your customer support process. It will prevent support calls from getting lost or fall through the cracks, will make sure that everything is tracked through to resolution, improve customer satisfaction and most importantly boost the morale of your support team.

Implementing a new Help Desk service doesn't have to be expensive or resource consuming. It also doesn't require any technical knowledge. A web-based hosted solution will offer quick implementation without requiring any investment in hardware or software.

Elementool Help Desk will help you:

Improve your connection with your clients by centralizing the communication and track its history.

Increase your client confidence in your company by enabling them to track the status of their emails online.

Improve your customer support process by allowing you to create in-depth, customized reports so you know EXACTLY how long it takes for you to solve tickets.

Have better control by tracking all aspects of the ticket's lifecycle from the moment it was placed to its resolution.

Get the Help Desk software ready for use in less than 20 minutes.

Display a customized support form that you can place on your website, so users can directly place tickets.

Create automatic, customized responses for newly placed tickets.

Automatically submit email messages sent to your support email box to your Help Desk account.

Create a knowledgebase so customers and staff can browse known issues.

Elementool Help Desk is easy to set-up and use! Elementool Help Desk's seamless integration with Scheduling, Issue Tracking, Test Case, Docs, and Forums gives you a suite of applications that will help you manage your project management process.

You can have a robust Help Desk system with UNLIMITED users for only $89.99! Sign up now by clicking on the bottom on the right.

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